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Trillium Works! opened its doors in 1999 to fulfill a need for Community based Employment Services in the Duluth area. We were motivated to provide personalized services to people seeking employment in their communities. Utilizing Person Centered Planning and being guided by Person Centered Principles we assist people in determining their dream jobs and help them get there!

Trillium Works! is recognized as a leader in providing person-centered employment services for people with developmental disabilities and related conditions. The backbone of our company is defined by our management team of directors, supervisors, administrators, nurses, and most importantly, a core group of direct care professionals.


Supported Employment Services

Trillium Works! provides Community Employment Services and Employment Planning Services to adults who are seeking employment, by providing supports in learning job skills and/or maintaining employment in the community. Community Employment Services are designed to assist a person who wishes to work in the community but may have a need for ongoing supports to assist with a wide array of employment needs. Employment Planning Services are designed to assist a person seeking employment in learning about employment opportunities within the community and making informed decisions. Employment Planning Services are individualized to assist a person in choosing employment outcomes.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Trillium Works! takes great pride in providing individualized Vocational Rehabilitation Services in the areas of: Employment Planning, Assessment, Career Exploration, Placement and Retention Services for individuals who need assistance obtaining gainful employment. We serve each individual in the most person centered way possible. We believe that through this model, the people that we serve find careers that are a match to their strengths, abilities, interests and priorities. Our pursuit is that each person we serve finds lasting success in a career that they find gives them purpose.