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Trillium empowers people to have a voice in conquering barriers and following their dreams.


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Connecting People with Communities

Trillium Services, Inc. and Trillium Works! are leaders in providing Person-Centered Services for people with disabilities and their families. Our philosophy moves beyond traditional service delivery models by promoting self-determination and community inclusion as a way of achieving personal outcome goals and objectives. Trillium are pioneers of Person-Centered service delivery for the past three decades and will be for many years to come.  

image of Jim and Wendy Annis

Bringing people and community together since 1992.

TrilliumServices was founded in 1992 by Jim and Wendy Annis. Trillium Services (then Paragon Services) was a small provider, operated out of their home office with six service recipients and two employees.  Over the past 30+ years Trillium has responded to the needs of our community by always trying to find a way to say “yes,” helping where we can, and growing the business when needed.  Today we are proud to offer a wide range of services including residential services, community-based services, family services and respite care, vocational and supported employment services, and professional training and consultation.

image of Brian and Amanda Annis

Brian and Amanda, the son and daughter of Jim and Wendy, have grown up working alongside their parents for as long as they can remember. Naturally, they came to work at Trillium after high school, and like a lot of our management team here, have held almost every position at Trillium throughout the years. Amanda and Brian are passionate about carrying forward the work their parents started, which became official with the purchase of the business in 2021. Trillium Services, Trillium Works!, our Executive Director team, and all of our stakeholders, remain dedicated to the legacy Jim and Wendy built from day one. Supporting the whole person and their family through our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

“Trillium Services prides itself on being a second generation family owned and operated business.  Amanda and I aim to carry the mission, vision and core values, established in 1992 by my parents, Jim and Wendy Annis in everything that we do. We are passionate about supporting people;, the people we serve, their families, the people we have the privilege to employ and those we get to work with in the community.  We will be honored to do this work for many years to come.”  
—Brian Annis

Pictured Below: Brian Annis his wife Kati and children Caleb, Grace, Elin and Magnolia.

Image of Annis KidsImage of Annis Family 1Image of Annis Family 2

Leading the way

Trillium Works! is recognized as a leader in providing person-centered employment services for people with barriers to employment. The foundation of our company is built up with our management team of directors, supervisors, program managers, and most importantly a group of indispensable direct support professionals.

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Facilitating Independence

Our values encourage personal development, self-determination and community connection. We continually envision new opportunities for the people we support and seek out innovative ways to cultivate greater independence as they pursue their dreams.

People want to be in control of their own lives and we believe that everyone has the ability and strength to grow.

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Meet our leadership team.

What started with Jim and Wendy has flourished into a leadership team that’s just as passionate about Trillium’s mission and vision.


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Josh Howie

Executive Director

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Shirley Ronie

Program Director

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Theresa Williams

Program Director


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Jessie Pluntz-Kinney


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Karla Rue


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Chelsey Wierschem


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Mariaha Boldan


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David Rohrbach

Program Manager

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Cheryl Ray

Program Manager

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Connor Erdmann

Program Manager

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Veronica Kvale

Program Manager


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Stacey Fredrickson

Employment Specialist

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Sunny Peterson

Employment Specialist, American Sign Language Communication Specialist

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Adam Schuler

Employment Specialist

Ready to grow with us?

Whether you’re looking for a rewarding part-time job or a life-long career, at Trillium Services there’s no shortage of opportunities for talented, passionate team members.


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