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Our Services

Whether you or your loved one are seeking help with community living, in-home family services, living support, or employment support, Trillium Services can help you identify priorities and make positive steps toward independence and fulfillment.
Unlike the conventional service model, our person-centered planning tools and training allow you to best support individuals in our community so they can truly flourish. 

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Our Services

Trillium Works! has been able to find great success for the people we serve by tailoring all of our services to the needs and interests of the individuals we support. This process starts by finding out what each person’s vision for their working life looks like. Through finding everyone’s passion and purpose we can assist them along the path to achieving their goals.

Our Services

We help individuals with disabilities find and maintain gainful employment, including but not limited to career exploration, placement, skill development to help with job retention, and so much more.

Waivered Services

Trillium Works! provides support for individuals who are seeking competitive employment or want to work on personally enriching life skills in their communities.


Employment Exploration helps a person gain a better understanding of employment opportunities in their community. They help to strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests and preferences so they can make informed decisions.

Employment Development is the process of finding competitive employment that matches a person’s experience, skills, and interests.

Employment Support
is the assistance a person needs to maintain competitive employment.


Individualized, community-based training and support services that help a person develop and maintain essential and personally enriching life skills so they can access and participate in activities they prefer in their community.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) & State Services for the Blind (SSB)

Trillium Works! takes great pride in providing individualized vocational rehabilitation services for people who need assistance preparing for and obtaining employment. Services include the following areas:

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Preparation
  • Employment Planning
  • Placement
  • Retention Services

Through person-centered planning, we focus on helping individuals work towards and achieve their employment goals. Our aspiration is for each person we serve to find long-lasting success in a career that gives them purpose.

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