Working together to envision a positive future.

Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning involves the process of a person or group crafting a focused vision of how they picture their future. Person-centered planning works to identify a person’s strengths, goals, interests, needs, and dreams. The person-centered planning process can be accomplished using the following planning processes: PATH, MAPS, the Liberty Plan, and Essential Life Planning (ELP).

We offer person-centered planning to all of the people we support at Trillium Services and Trillium Works!, or anyone who is interested. Person-centered planning can be used for individuals, groups, companies, schools; or any other group dynamic.

(PATH) Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

A backwards planning tool leading individuals, families, and organizations from identification of a vision for their future to specify actions to get moving on the journey to that future.

Path Process Steps

  • The North Star: The key to the entire PATH process. The North Star is the vision, the dream, the hope, the future, and the ultimate goal.
  • Positive and Possible: These are the dreams that can be realized one, two, or three years from the present.
  • How are you now? What do you feel?
  • Who will help you through the journey? Who will be your circle of support?
  • What are the areas that you need to strengthen in order to reach the Positive and Possible?
  • What do you commit to accomplish in the next few months?
  • What will you do next month to reach yourPositive and Possible?
  • What will your first steps be in order to reach the Positive and Possible?


The MAPS approach uses process-questions, graphics, and group facilitation to help illustrate a shared future vision through storytelling.

It assists an individual in identifying a clear path to a positive future vision through a focus on their strengths, interests, and dreams.

MAPS illustration
Maps Diagram

Maps Process Steps

  • Story
  • Dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Contributions: gifts and strengths
  • What it takes: needs
  • Action agreements: who, what, by when

(ELP) Essential
Lifestyle Planning

A powerful tool used to assist a person and those closest to them in creating a vision for their future. It is a process that leads to a greater understanding of the person's values, gifts, and dreams.

Essential Lifestyle Image

Liberty Plan

The Liberty Plan explores a person’s gifts, accomplishments and hopes for the future. The process gives time and attention in a step by step process that moves through the segments of the planner’s life – one at a time. The process captures the stories and successes as well as the gifts and capacities as it sets plans for the future.

Liberty Plan Illustration

Leading the Way

Co-founder Wendy Annis was a pioneer in introducing the person-centered planning process to Minnesota when Trillium first opened. Today they educate people on how to facilitate these programs, as well as provide the service to their clients.

Interested in creating your
own planning process?

We have a team of trained facilitators who would love to help you!